Tonya Tart

Saint Francis Hospital

In September of 2010, Tonya was diagnosed with a rare seizure disorder
that put her on situation leave from her job at Saint Francis Hospital. During
this time she had no source of income to pay her bills or support herself and
her three children.
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Linda Leva's Husband
St. Christopher's Hospital for Children

“On behalf of my husband Peter and myself, please accept our most heartfelt
“Thank You” for the generous check that I received from the Tenet Care Fund
for the purchase of a stair-chair for Peter. This will allow him access to the
first floor of our house, with the possibility of getting outside at some point."
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Mable Bulter
Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center

Mable recently found herself in an unexpected situation when she was
admitted to the hospital for an infection. After undergoing seven days
of IV antibiotics and a minor amputation procedure, Mable was released
from the hospital and told she needed to take five to six weeks off
for recovery.  
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