Fund Administration

How is The Care Fund administration structured?
The Tenet Care Fund is governed by a Board of Directors who in turn authorizes The Care Committee to review the applications and make recommendations.
How is The Care Committee determined?
The Care Committee is composed of volunteers nominated by their leadership team.  They represent all regions of Tenet and do not include any management positions.  The committee will initially consist of seven Tenet employees (one from each region, one from Conifer and one from corporate.)
How does the approval process work?
Once an application and accompanying documentation has been submitted, a hospital, outpatient center or department’s human resources director will review the application.  If the application meets the Fund’s criteria, the application will be forwarded to The Care Fund staff for review by The Care Committee for approval.  
What criteria does the committee use to determine if an application is approved or not?
The situation must meet The Care Fund guidelines and the emergency/hardship must be the result of an extended illness/injury, disaster or other situation that is beyond the applicant’s control.   Additional details can be found on the website.
Are applications for assistance confidential?
Yes, The Care Fund staff will assign a random case number to each application to ensure strict confidentiality.  Only your hospital’s human resources director and The Care Fund staff will know that you applied for assistance.  
Can an employee apply and receive assistance more than once?
Yes, but not within a twelve-month period.