Who can donate to the Care Fund?
Anyone, including employees, visitors, patients, vendors or physicians, may donate to The Care Fund by filling out the donation form available online.  Employees can donate to The Care Fund with a one-time gift via check or donate a designated amount each pay period through payroll deduction.  We recommend and encourage employees to use payroll deduction as an easy way to contribute.  
Are the donations tax deductible?
Yes, all donations to the Tenet Care Fund are 100% tax deductible.  
Are the grants received considered taxable income?
No, the grants received are not considered part of your taxable income.
Is there a minimum donation amount?
No, there is not a minimum donation amount.  Every dollar donated will support Tenet employees in need.
When do payroll deductions begin?
Payroll deductions will begin the first paycheck after The Care Fund donation form is received and processed, and will continue until the employee requests to stop or change the deduction.
Do donors need to update their payroll deductions each year?
No, donors supporting The Care Fund through payroll deductions will continue to be donors in a new calendar year unless a form is submitted requesting a change to the contribution.
What if I want to change or stop by my contribution?
To stop or to change the amount of your contribution, simply resubmit a donation form with the updated information.
Can donations be made and directed to a specific employee?
No, all donations collected are added to general fund that supports all Tenet employees.
Can a donation be made in honor of others?
Yes, donations can be made in memory of others.  Step 3 of the donation form provides an area where information can be added to recognize others.
Will donors know the identity of those they assist?
No, only general award information will be available on the website and those recipients who choose to share their story will be featured.
Is it possible to donate PTO?
Employees PTO hours or value cannot be contributed to The Care Fund.  PTO hours can be donated to individuals with medical emergencies or extended illness using the PTO Donation Form.  Please refer to HR policy 714/715/716 or contact your Human Resource Department for additional information.