How do you apply for Care Fund assistance?
To apply for aid, employees in need of assistance can fill out The Care Fund application form (available on website).  Once the application and documentation are submitted to the Human Resources department, the Human Resource Director will review the application and forward as appropriate to The Care Fund staff. The staff will present your information with a recommendation to The Care Committee. The Care Committee will then review your application and either approve based on the recommendation, approve with a modified recommendation or reject the application with supporting explanation.
Does the Care Fund guarantee that a certain amount of funding will be given to each facility?
The Care Fund was created to serve wherever there is need.  We do not restrict funds to a particular facility for several reasons:  
• To keep the designation as a 501(c) (3) public charity, The Care Fund must meet certain criteria. For example, the class of recipients must be large enough to establish that the "community" is benefiting - not a "private party."  Many times, one facility is not a large enough class to meet these criteria.  
• A decision to make a participant(s) ineligible based upon where he or she works is counter to the current Care Fund policy and guidelines.  
• Eligibility for receiving assistance can't be limited to those facilities where employees give, as this is counter to charitable organizations.
Can donors suggest a co-worker to receive aid from The Care Fund?
No, the funds are distributed to those who apply and donors cannot specify a recipient, but people are encouraged to ask employees in need to submit applications for assistance.
How large are the grants?
Grants typically range from $500 to $3,000, depending on the situation.
How quickly are the applications approved?
The goal of The Care Fund staff is to respond within five business days after receiving applications, including all required documentation.  Your Human Resource Director will let you know if your application is approved or denied.  Employees can expect to receive aid 2-3 days after an application has been approved.
What types of events do not qualify for assistance?
The Care Fund does not provide financial assistance for:
• General financial hardships that are not created by a disaster or an unexpected tragedy.
• Financial hardships that result from routine expenses (car repairs, home maintenance).
• Costs related to divorce or separation, including costs related to child support or non-receipt of child support.  
• Wages lost from hours being cut.
• Job loss of a family member.
• Struggle with paying medical deductible as a result of choosing the High Deductible Health Plan.
• The Care Fund does not cover benefits premiums while on leave of absence.
• The Care Fund is not intended to serve as an insurance policy or to replace the need for fire, flood, home, health and/or life insurance.
What types of events qualify for assistance?
Qualifying events or hardships include:  
• Medical expenses related to critical illness or injury affecting employees and their immediate family
• Disasters such as fire, flood, tornado or hurricane
• Death or terminal illness in immediate family requiring long-distance travel.  Funding will only be provided once, for either travel to help care for terminally ill family member or travel for funeral.  
Other qualifying hardships or crisis situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
What criteria does an employee need to meet to be eligible for assistance?
Only Tenet employees may receive assistance through The Care Fund, based on set criteria.  To be eligible for assistance from The Care Fund, you must meet all of the following requirements:  
• You must be employed directly by a Tenet entity as a full-time or part-time employee at the time of the event causing the hardship, as well as when assistance is provided.  
• You cannot have received financial assistance from The Care Fund within the previous 12 months.  
• You must have experienced an event that qualifies for assistance.  
• The event causing the hardship typically must have occurred within the previous 90 days.